Brunswick Near Completion

Synergy has recently demolished the old Brunswick Heads Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), which was decommissioned (switched off) in late 2012. The bulk of the infrastructure associated with the STP was demolished by Synergy and encapsulated at depth onsite. The goal of the demolition and remediation program was to retain all unsuitable materials on site, through encapsulation such that the waste did not pose a risk to human or environmental receptors and was suitably managed onsite. All unsuitable material including both above and below ground infrastructure (like concrete sediment ponds and trickle filters) was either crushed or demolished onsite before being relocated/buried below RL4.0m AHD and covered with a physical barrier (marker layer) with a VENM capping layer over the top. The effluent lagoon, located in the southern portion of the site was considered the most suitable location to accept impacted fill, demolition waste, asbestos and contaminated soil.
Brunswick Near Completion Brunswick Near Completion Brunswick Near Completion Brunswick Near Completion

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