Edition 01, 2024

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Directors Wrap Up

As we reflect on the end of another financial year, with its achievements and challenges, we look forward to continued growth across our core sectors – Remediation, Water and Civil. We have a strong start to the new financial year with an interesting pipeline of projects to undertake. The relocation of our plant and equipment to the new yard at Ellangowan is underway and we are currently in the process of designing a new warehouse for the property, which we hope a development application will be submitted this month.

We are extremely excited to welcome some new employees to Synergy, Zara Bedford - EHSQ Coordinator, Toby Ronchi - Project Operations, Darren Leiper - Plant Operator, John Coster - Project Manager and we welcome back Dean Gregory - Ferrous Plant Supervisor. 

We continue to invest in plant and equipment, recently purchasing two more Bell Articulated Dump Trucks, a Hitachi ZW180PL Wheel Loader, an Ausa 10T Tipper, a FWR Flat Deck Trailer for Isuzu truck and 10 additional work vehicles. We have also received our final consignment of Synergy branded 20ft shipping containers taking the total to 128.

Finally, a big thank you from the both of us for everyones continued hard work and commitment to Synergy.


Matt Smith and Matt Sedon

Directors, Synergy Resource Management

EYE I Njury

Safety Alert


Wearing safety eyewear on a construction site is paramount for safeguarding vision and preventing potentially life-altering injuries. Flying debris, hazardous chemicals and intense glare pose serious threats to unprotected eyes. Proper eye protection not only reduces the risk of injury but also ensures workers can perform tasks with clarity and focus, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Action items to promote eye safety include:

  • Mandate the use of ANSI-approved safety glasses at all times. 
  • Provide easy access to a variety of safety eyewear options.
  • Implement routine inspections to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

Fun fact

In 2015, a group of inmates from a maximum security prison in New York beat the Harvard debate team in a debate competition.

Competition Winner Cody Buckley Purple Rain - Nhulunbuy | NT

Cody Buckley Purple rain

Honorable Mention Alex Breslin Early Bird

Choppi3 early bird

Honorable Mention Warren Hardy Sunrise Euchareena Road


Honorable Mention Tyrone Fountain Nhulunbuy

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Honorable Mention Darren Leiper Early Morning

Darren leiper

Honorable Mention Scott Hillier Untitled


Photo Competition

$500 Perkbox Credit

Terms & Conditions

  1. Get permission from the site / project manager prior to taking photos.
  2. Max 3 entries per person per quarter.
  3. No Drones or Photoshop

Photo Competition

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Staff Profile

  • Name

    Alex "Choppy" Breslin

  • Job Title

    Project Operations

  • Where do you live

    Coniston (Wollongong)

  • At the conference you won best dressed what inspired your outfit

    80's Kylie Minogue / Guns & Roses

  • Previous career


  • What is your signature dish

    Pan roasted spatchcock

  • Biggest regret

    Not being there for friends and family because of work commitments as a Chef during the past 20 years

  • Do you have a phobia


  • What was your first job

    Drug delivery kid for Terry White chemist

  • Favourite work memory

    Lying down on the floor in my leotard while Guy Leech did his thing to me in front of everyone during the conference

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Orange Landfill Cell

Location: Orange, NSW

Estimated Completion: November 2024

We have been engaged by Orange City Council (OCC) to construct the next stage of their landfill at the Euchareena Road Resource Recovery Centre. This involves excavating and stockpiling approximately 55,000 cubic meters of topsoil, clay, silt and rock material, and placing a 900mm clay liner within the cell. The work also includes installing a leachate barrier and collection system, along with all necessary components for a functional landfill waste cell.

The cell construction is expected to be completed by August 22, 2024. Stage 2, which involves capping the existing Cells 1 and 2, will commence at the end of August.

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Teven Park

Location: Teven | NSW

Estimated Completion: December 2024

Synergy has been engaged to undertake the Teven Parkland Development Project for Ballina Shire Council. This project is utilising joint funding streams to develop and improve environmental and visual amenity of the site. The works include constructing water viewing and access structures on the riverbank to encourage utilisation of the river frontage and to also provide safe passage to the waters edge for kayak and similar watercraft.

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Animal Rehoming Facility

Location: Murwillumbah | NSW

Estimated Completion: Dec 2024

The Animal Rehoming Facility Capping and Earthworks Development is a project for the Tweed Shire Council, utilising joint funding streams to develop and provide a safe platform on an ex refuse site to construct a state of the art new centre to include a one-stop-shop for the impounding, sheltering, and rehoming of animals and their veterinary care, the impoundment of vehicles, a new office base for our Rangers and a new administrative centre for our not-for-profit animal rehoming partners, Friends of the Pound. In total, the facility is expected to cost $9.1 million to build, funded by Tweed Shire Council with the support of the Australian and NSW governments.