Crown Sydney Hotel Resort Demolition

Demolition Crown Hotel
The scope consisted of removal of numerous types of temporary structures such as steel beams, concrete upstands, hobs, kerbs, wing-walls, columns, penetrations & mass infills. The project presented significant materials handling challenges including the demolition of four 8m high, full strength, heavily reinforced concrete wing-walls and three large columns.This required the progressive cutting and removal of 600 tonnes of concrete in blocks ranging up to 2 tonnes each from heights 50m above ground level. The “Top Down” construction methodology which allowed basement and tower works to operate concurrently required additional support around the core structure from ground floor. The wing walls and columns provided the structural integrity were demolished upon completion of the basement works. Many challenges were encountered given the complexity of the activities required to achieve Crown’s desired outcome safely and the risks presented were not to be underestimated. Special consideration was made to working at heights with heavy loads and various materials handling difficulties. Synergy’s approach was tailored to minimise risk using best engineering principles to ensure work was completed in the safest manner. Specialised concrete demolition methods such as wire sawing, hydraulic wall sawing, demo sawing & hydraulic bursting formed the majority of demolition operations on the walls and columns.

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