Demolition of former QANTAS hangers

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This project encompassed the construction of a new roadway connecting Shiers Avenue and Qantas Drive through an existing airside portion of Sydney Airport, which was formerly occupied by various buildings associated with former aircraft maintenance activities.

The scope included earthworks, demolition, pavement construction, utilities relocation and diversion, traffic signals, fencing, landscaping, and other associated civil works, for completion of the Seventh Street extension.

This enabled new roadways to be constructed servicing the Domestic airport terminals T2/T3. The primary works undertaken by Synergy included demolition of seven former QANTAS aircraft hangers, and maintenance workshops removal and disposal, including slabs and associated structures.

Innovations and value adding undertaken by Synergy included induced collapse demolition of the former hangers. This offered Sydney Airport considerable cost savings in relation to conventional demolition techniques. Other savings were passed on due to careful separation of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap to realise the full salvage potential of this recyclable material.

Sequencing of demolition activities started with the removal of large amounts of hazardous materials including bonded and friable asbestos identified within each structure under stringent air monitoring and occupational hygienist clearance certifications.

The project enabled subsequent construction of five new dedicated exit lanes for motorists departing the Sydney Domestic airport onto Qantas drive at Mascot.

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