Former Ingleburn Defence Camp

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The Department of Defence required the removal of 6,400 m2 of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and subsequent demolition of 63 former army barrack buildings and associated infrastructure. Also required was the removal of ACM fragments from 18,478m2 of land, excavation, separation, stockpiling, classification, transport and off-site disposal of 27,000m3 of fly tipped waste throughout the site to landfill. Synergy provided weed removal and invasive shrub mulching over 100,000m2 of land, and sampling and validation of former building footprints and fly tip areas.

The four areas of works were; excavation and disposal of 12,000 tonnes of buried waste, collection and disposal of 5,000 tonnes of illegally tipped waste, demolition and disposal of 63 buildings and the excavation and disposal of various identified potential buried waste locations.