Sewage Treatment Plant Dredging and Dewatering

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The dredging and dewatering of two intermittently decanted aeration lagoons (IDAL). These lagoons are used to process all incoming flows to the site.

Constructed in the late 1980’s, these IDALs are now in such a state of disrepair that urgent and necessary preventative maintenance is required to ensure their on-going operation. The technical objective is to clean the deposited grit and screenings and remove and replace the diffusers that maintain a constant air flow throughout the IDALs.

A solid waste and grit build up has occurred mainly because of non-biodegradable products reaching these lagoons, even after primary treatment. It requires the removal of large physical items, such as flushable wipes, that have been flushed through the toilet system. The old technology, currently employed by Sydney Water at this site, is unable to remove this build-up which impedes the operation of the pond air diffusers. These are critical in introducing air into the process to promote bacteria growth to breakdown the sewage

Synergy developed a total-process technical solution that recovered solid waste material from the bottom sections of the IDALs, without piercing their rubber lining, extracting the solid waste, dewatering it, and then returning the water after treatment to the IDALs, without removing bacteria, which is essential to the sewage treatment process.

Synergy’s approach has reduced the time for ponds to be “offline” for maintenance and assisted SWC in improving the management of the site.

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