UPSS Decommissioning and Removal with Civil Works

UPSS Excavation Hazardous Waste Soil Treatment Oil and Gas Remediation SVE / MPE Piling / Shoring / Anchoring Utilities Occupational Hygiene Waste Management Recycling Demolition

Synergy supported the UPSS decommissioning program across four Defence bases, providing adaptive and solutions-based proposals to reduce risks and costs.

Synergy proposed an alternative grout, as opposed to sand or foam, to decommission UST’s in-situ. The flowable nature of the grout satisfied Australian Standards, increased safety during application and provided a longer-lasting product for areas of high trafficability, such as within airside and road infrastructure.

Synergy developed air eduction technology to ensure all volatile atmospheres within USTs could be evacuated in a controlled and safe manner, meeting the Australian Standard. This technology reduced the need for importing inert gases (e.g. nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and provided unlimited purging capacity, irrespective of vessel size.

Synergy also undertook separation of liquid waste streams to ensure correct NSW EPA and QLD DEHP waste classification of each type. During remedial extension of UST excavations, material was separated based upon visual and olfactory site assessment to accurately characterise levels of contamination. This process identified less volume for disposal under a more expensive higher waste classification.

These approaches to site- specific issues translated to value-for-money to Defence through reduced costs and administration and management resourcing.

Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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