Piling / Shoring / Anchoring

Technical agility underpins the highest proficiency in earth retention and excavation support techniques.

Synergy has a strong proficiency in earth retention and excavation support techniques developed from applications utilised in various projects that involved either retaining soil or water with detailed complexities. A direct result of our technological agility, Synergy has expertise in equipment and applications to ensure that every job is undertaken safely and in accordance with a site-specific work plans and detailed method of works.

Synergy is perfectly placed to manage a variety of shoring, piling and anchoring techniques for appropriate earth retention and excavation support. Our long running relationships with industry-leading structural engineers ensure our expertise is translated into a successful project outcome and works certification.

We prioritise communication with our clients and lead contractors to ensure full visibility and efficiency throughout the entire project life-cycle. As such, production is optimised on its way to completion. Our team of professional engineers, scientists, project managers and site supervisors provide the knowhow to produce superior quality and economical design-build solutions for all shoring, piling and anchoring needs. Synergy understands that fit-for-purpose selection, design, and installation of the appropriate earth retention and excavation support systems are critical to providing safe and suitable protection to adjacent structures and properties.

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Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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