Prioritising a minimum of 80% recycling of demolitions waste for a sustainable future.

We have a strong understanding of the importance of managing environmental impacts during the demolition process and this translates directly to the end use of demolition waste. Synergy always works with both the environment and safety in mind, and that ethos is physically realised in the methods we engage to recycle as much demolition waste as possible.

We prioritise and understand the importance of recycling, ensuring as much of our demolition waste as possible is converted for a more sustainable outcome. Our aim is to recycle over 80% of all demolition waste on any project. We ensure timbers, metals, bricks and concrete are all separated and/or crushed for reuse. Finding innovative and bespoke recycling solutions to our demolition projects help our clients achieve sustainable outcomes for their sites.

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Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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