Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) and Multi Phase Extraction (MPE)

Available only at Synergy, tailor-made, fit-for-purpose systems have revolutionised remediation technology.

Synergy is a specialist in all aspects of Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) and Multi Phase Extraction (MPE) remediation technology and has experience in providing site specific, fully customizable SVE tailor-made solutions for any size project pending certain soil properties (for example; soil grain size, moisture content, permeability) and subsurface heterogeneity.

Synergy have built and operated tailor-made, fit-for-purpose small mobile skid mounted SVE and MPE systems for petroleum service station sites and other projects that have had problems with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Synergy’s modular equipment can be transported and installed with ease to any site with treatment capabilities for vapour concentration between the ranges of 2,000ppm to 180,000ppm.

Synergy experience with using similar technologies occurred on a project located on a live service station in South Eastern Queensland where primarily the SVE system used was an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) unit with a liquid vapour separator. The ICE unit used an LPG supplementary fuel source to start the engine, once running the engine operated by consuming and destroying the extracted VOC vapour because of its sophisticated engine management system. The ICE unit efficiently reduced elevated hydrocarbon contaminants without the need for dilution of the source.

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