Ensuring the effective progression of site works and exceptional utilities for infrastructure.

Energy and water utilities are pertinent to the effective progression of most site works. Synergy's highly skilled technical team have the tools and expertise to quickly assess a project and provide a solution that incorporates the drivers of the triple bottom line: Financial, Environment and Social. By drawing upon our civil works expertise and industry relationships, Synergy provides solutions for power, water, and sewage, storm water and wastewater needs.

Our solutions for your power needs include dedicated substation and generation systems; excavation of trenches for pipe laying/ rehabilitation; laying of conduits, pipes and cabling; provision of trenchless penetrations; vacuum/non-destructive excavation; and overhead lines and poles.

Synergy has the aptitude, resources and capacity to recover surface stormwater, undertake groundwater dewatering and treat both sources of contaminated water and soil, to stringent criteria, addressing and mitigating key environmental risks resulting in safe environmental discharge of a contaminated source. We specialise in influent/effluent pond desludging; sludge de-watering and pipe rehabilitation, removal or laying and connections.

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Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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