Our Story

Achieving exceptional results and growth through the dedication and ingenuity of the Synergy team.

"Ever since Synergy’s humble beginnings over a decade ago, our aim was to provide a range of professional contracting services. Thanks to the loyalty and continued support of our clients, suppliers and subcontractors, we have grown to where we are today, withstanding the test of time and economic highs and lows. With strong client relationships built upon collaboration, our personalised approach sets us apart. We realise that listening is the key to successful outcomes. Our team challenges traditional thinking, drawing upon imagination and creativity, backed by sound scientific and engineering principles, to pioneer tailored solutions. This is how Synergy achieves such exceptional results. I am continually inspired by the dedication and ingenuity of the Synergy team who go above and beyond all expectations to ensure our goals are aligned with our clients’ objectives. I know you will be inspired too." Andrew Reardon, CEO


Synergy Resource Management Pty Limited (Synergy) was founded by Chief Executive Officer Andrew Reardon in 2006, and was created to fill a market gap with a versatile total contracting services philosophy. Shortly thereafter, Andrew was joined by Matt Sedon (Chief Operations Officer) and Matt Smith (Chief Financial Officer) to create Synergy’s Board of Directors who, at the time collectively shared in excess of 70 years industry experience.

For over a decade, Synergy has successfully operated as a privately-owned company, led by these three passionate individuals who, along with the company’s dedicated and experienced staff, have provided on-the-ground, practical services through the entire life-cycle of over 270 projects. Since inception, Synergy has grown exponentially throughout Australian and International markets, delivering a range of projects and solving complex projects via cutting edge technology, innovative design and bespoke solutions.


Synergy's expertise extends through all levels of civil, demolition and environmental competencies, embracing a proven track record in project completion and client satisfaction. An embedded understanding and practical application of every step of a project's process, from inception to completion, is provided through our dedicated team of expert staff who offer a wealth of concept design, engineering, and scientific knowledge, complemented by on-the-ground experience.

Synergy's commitment to research and development is evidenced by our large inventory of bespoke equipment and specialised remediation technologies, which we have developed in-house and, is to our knowledge, not available anywhere else. Of note is Synergy's industry expertise in per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) removal and water treatment. For example, since 2015 to date, over 7 billion litres of PFAS contaminated water has been successfully treated, establishing Synergy and our strategic industry partners as the global leader in this specialised, environmental capacity.