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The only company in Australia providing bespoke, fully customisable, easily transportable, multi-barrier water treatment plants.

Synergy is a specialist in all aspects of dewatering and water treatment. We are the only company in Australia able to provide bespoke, fully customisable multi-barrier water treatment plants (WTPs). Our modular equipment is easily transportable, enabling us to create tailor-made water treatment solutions for any size project. Synergy’s WTPs are able to target specific pollutants, dependant on specific needs, and can process up to 105 litres per second.

Synergy’s cost saving, proprietary sludge dewatering and treatment technology is also available to complement our water treatment services and can be provided as a standalone solution for managing drilling and piling muds, reducing conventional offsite waste disposal volumes by over 90%.

For example Synergy designed, constructed and operates Australia's largest mobile multi-barrier WTP at the $8 billion Barangaroo redevelopment in Sydney, NSW. Since 2011 we have treated in excess of 500 million litres of water contaminated with over 40 pollutants to make suitable for discharge into Sydney Harbour - the equivalent of over 200 Olympic swimming pools.

Synergy's WTP technology removes a variety of pollutant from water including but not limited to hydrocarbons, metals, surfactants, PFAS, total dissolved solids. We have a wide range of specialised multi-barrier WTP technology available for wet hire including:

  • Primary: pre-treatment, chemical injection, coagulation, flocculation, pH adjustment and settlement
  • Secondary: air stripping, off gas filtration and continuous emissions monitoring
  • Tertiary: deep bed media filtration, adsorption, biological assimilation, cation and anion exchange
  • Quaternary: membrane micro-filtration, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection
  • Quinary: reverse osmosis and chlorination
  • Senary: pH adjustment and continuous 24/7 inline monitoring
  • Sludge: belt press or centrifuge sludge dewatering and offsite disposal and/or reuse of solids

Our operational, maintenance and management team are highly experienced and qualified with a thorough working knowledge of Local, State and Federal legislation and project specific environmental requirements. Detailed hazard operability studies, risk assessments, commissioning, testing, proving, and performance reporting are routinely conducted. Regular Quality Assurance sampling and NATA laboratory analysis are performed to optimise plant performance and address all regulatory requirements.

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Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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