NSW EPA Mobile Wastewater Treatment License

Synergy, with the help of the NSW EPA, have recently obtained an Environment Protection Licence (EPL) for adaptable and practical Australian-made mobile wastewater processing plants, with treatment of PFAS being a focus. To obtain this license Synergy has proven its capabilities based on 10 years’ experience and successful treatment of over 7 billion litres of contaminated water. This EPL allows us to attend your site to undertake treatment of contaminated water using our proven technology and remediation capability. The licence includes 6 containerised flat-bed mobile water treatment plants with a maximum processing capacity for each system of 800 cubic meters per day, capable of treating contaminants for 15 different waste codes including PFAS, heavy metals, cyanide, nitriles, phenols, water containing petrochemical fuels, oils and lubricants. Synergy’s mobile water treatment plants are designed, constructed and commissioned ready to be implemented at short notice By engaging Synergy, you will receive a NSW EPA certified treatment solution for your site where an EPL is not currently in place, thereby alleviating approval processes and expediting your program. A full list of waste codes is shown below:
NSW EPA Mobile Wastewater Treatment License NSW EPA Mobile Wastewater Treatment License

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