Shaws Bay well underway

The Shaws Bay East Arm Region is a high value ecological zone with Coastal Cyprus and Mangrove stands, large seagrass beds, protected salt marsh, and zones designated as critical habitat for protected fish species. Synergies scope of works includes the construction of approximately 240m of rock revetment walls, the construction of 4 rock groynes to protect the 200 metres of beach constructed by Synergy and to redirect tidal concentrations to manage natural sedimentation in this zone. Synergy has undertaken relocation works of the threatened salt march communities that were in the construction zone to newly constructed appropriate habitat zones. This project has also required concrete works to strengthen existing storm water infrastructure, fencing, mulching and planting of 1100 native plants in designated zones across the work site, the rehabilitation and stabilisation of 100 lineal metres of sinkhole subsidence associated with tidal movements through the seawall and associated vegetation and concrete removal within the stabilisation and rehabilitation zone. The Shaws Bay East Arm Restoration Project has required our integrated Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality Management Plan to be implemented and managed to guarantee optimum environmental protection measures are in place to ensure protection of this sensitive work zone, safety protocols followed to ensure public health and safety is managed in a highly utilised public amenity zone, and to ensure that imported materials and management of excavated fill materials onsite improves site functionality and health.
Shaws Bay well underway Shaws Bay well underway Shaws Bay well underway Shaws Bay well underway Shaws Bay well underway Shaws Bay well underway

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