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Cape Byron Management Pty Ltd required the Design and Rectification of the Fuel Storage Area (FSA) at their Co-generation plant. The FSA covers 50,000m2 and is the plants’ storage area for surplus bagasse fuel from the sugar mill crushing season operations, which is stored for use in the non-crush season.

The scope of works required stripping 50,000m2 of the existing FSA to the required subbase design level, importation, and placement to required design height, and grade of new material to construct the FSA. Detailed works involved profiling of runoff water catchment swales, landscaping of the swales with suitable grasses and plants to slow the flow of water in the swale drains, and the installation of rain monitoring equipment.

High rainfall events necessitated adaptive management strategies with the installation of catchment areas and the re-use of the captured water to help with compaction and dust control. The completed project has enabled the client to meet their Environmental Protection Limit requirements.

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