Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility

Contruction earthworks

Synergy were contracted by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) to design, construct, operate and maintain the proposed Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility (CDSMF).

The CDSMF is a land-based facility designed to dewater and handle dredged sediment that is unsuitable for normal disposal options such as beach and/or foreshore nourishment or oshore deposition from the Coomera River.

Synergy, in conjunction with specialist partners have provided GCWA with a twenty-five-year operational life design and RPEQ Certification to meet project requirements. The construction of the facility as per the design has commenced. The facility will be operated by Synergy to process 82,000m3 of unsuitable sediment dredged from the Coomera River, using differing methodologies based on the sediment type. This dredged sediment will be dewatered and discharged to Oaky Creek to meet EHP quality requirements.

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