Crown Sydney Hotel Resort

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Following on from our successful water treatment service for Barangaroo, Stage 1A, Synergy is again engaged to install and operate a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to provide dewatering and water treatment services, focusing on the groundwater and surface water generated from the construction activities for the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort.

Barangaroo is a 22-hectare land parcel located on the north-western edge of Sydney’s central business district, and the southern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Millers Point. Lend Lease’s vision of Barangaroo South is to become the greenest global residential and business centre, including the first six-star international hotel to be built in Sydney, the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort.

The site was a former gasworks and a wide range of contaminants are found within the site fill material, bedrock and groundwater. Due to the proximity of Sydney Harbour, it is imperative that there be a focus on the protection of the waters and receiving ecosystem to prevent possible groundwater contamination from polluting the surrounding area.

Synergy have designed a WTP to target the complex suite of contaminants, through a multi-barrier water treatment approach. Synergy’s water treatment process is modular and components can be utilised as necessary depending on expected contaminants and contamination levels, providing a robust holistic approach. This provides plant operators with the ability to direct water through only the necessary components of the treatment process, therefore reducing input of resources and output of waste. The WTP can operate at varying intervals and flow rates and has the capability to treat highly contaminated water up to 25 L/s. Fully treated water exiting the WTP will then be discharged to Darling Harbour, in accordance with the NSW Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Protection Limits.

Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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