Ken Leeson Oval

Civil Construction

The sports field is located within a residential area and therefore consideration was required to minimize impacts to the nearby residents. As the work's brief included significant laser leveling and re-shaping of the field, with up to 500mm of soil being removed in some areas dust issues and wind erosion was a concern.

As the field was primarily a sand-based substrate, Synergy worked with our main contractor Thinkwater to minimise the amount of time the field would be stripped of vegetation. To this end mainlines and laterals were installed prior to stripping turf and laser leveling.

To achieve the specified minimum 450mm final depth of coverage over the pipework, each sprinkler position was surveyed and marked with cut and fill levels documented. Trenching was completed based on final finished grade ensuring minimum cover of 450mm was achieved after final leveling. Sprinklers were fitted after the leveling process, and before the fields were re-turfed.

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