Rifle Range Remediation

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Stockton Rifle Range: extensive vegetation clearance and on-site beneficial reuse; noxious weed control; creation of a heavy vehicle access road; selective and bulk excavation of 32,000m3 of material; and, removal of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) over an area of 52,488m2. A screening plant removed lead and other contaminants from the 32,000m3 of material, with 24,000m3 retained for re-use. The remaining 8000m3 underwent immobilisation through chemical fixation and offsite disposal to landfill. Over 200m³ of projectiles was removed during the screening process, inspected for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), then declared Free from Explosive (FFE) and disposed of to a licensed facility.

Backfilling and profiling works of the sand dune system took place in preparation for rehabilitation and re-vegetation works, following ACM removal and de-leading of the stop-butt. To improve site security and protect heritage values, a 2.1m high chain-wire perimeter fence was constructed.

Fort Wallace: significant asbestos clearance works; site vegetation clearing and noxious weed management; bulk excavation of delineated remediation areas of concern (RAC’s) to remove general solid waste and restricted solid waste; and, importation of sand for the backfilling of RAC, transport and disposal of excavated material.

Through efficient utilisation of machinery, targeted stockpile management and materials tracking, Synergy significantly reduced the amount of off-site material disposal and re-direct it to beneficial re-use.

Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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