Sludge Pond Reclamation and Dewatering

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Recovery and removal of sludge from two settlement ponds. The less viscous liquid component of the sludge was removed via a hydraulic slurry pump and transported via pipeline for processing in Synergy’s on-site two-stage sludge dewatering system, enabling the separation of the sludge into two products; solids and water.

The second method involved stabilisation and reclamation of the more viscous component of the sludge, using two 20-tonne excavators and transporting the sludge to stockpiles for dewatering using two Marooka 10-tonne tracked dump trucks and a Sludge Conditioning System (SCS). The SCS removed particles greater than 100 microns in a process consisting of two desander hydro-cyclones and a twin deck lineal motion accelerator screen, with ten de-silting hydro-cyclones and a second twin deck lineal motion accelerator screen.

Following removal of water, the stabilised sludge was transported offsite for beneficial reuse as agricultural fertiliser in the region.

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