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Excavation, transport and disposal of 5,000 tonnes of Inert Waste, 1,000 tonnes of Solid Waste and 100 tonnes of Hazardous Waste. Demolition of eight prestressed concrete tennis courts and recycling of 800 tonnes of pulverised concrete waste. Placement of 10,000m2 of an A34 geofabric capping and marker layer, with construction of a new sporting field and facilities. Installation of irrigation, stormwater, and electrical services. Dewatering of a 1,000m2 area to lower the water table six metres, enabling construction of a continuous piling wall. This wall ensured safe excavation for the subsequent construction of five 160,000 litre underground concrete water storage tanks, that was supported by the processing and importation of 5,000 tonnes of a 70% VENM sand / 30% VENM topsoil mix for placement and compaction under the sporting field.

Although the site was 12,000m2, following construction of the new cricket oval and adjacent carpark, there was no room for the tanks above ground. Therefore, the tanks were constructed in-situ, underneath the carpark area.

Prior to commencing the remediation works, Synergy identified a potential inaccuracy with the Remediation Action Plan (RAP) prepared by a third party. Synergy performed a comprehensive site drilling investigation program, which supported a revised remediation plan and determined the most appropriate methodology for the earthworks. This planning prevented potential cross contamination of contaminated materials with clean material, as the specific location of “hot spots’ were determined and removed prior to bulk earthworks proceeding. Ultimately, this revised approach proposed and conducted by Synergy presented substantial cost savings to be passed on to the client.

Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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