Client Department of Defence
Location TAS
Value $700k
Timeline Feb 2016 - Oct 2016

Department of Defence engaged Synergy to conduct road maintenance, stop-butt lead remediation and installation of Range - Danger Area infrastructure.

6km of road required ripping and re-compacting the pavement surface, construction of new sections of unsealed road, reshaping and re-grading existing open drainage channels and installation of new culvert crossings within the operational BMTA site.

Remediation of the lead-contaminated stop-butt involved, excavation of contaminated material, mechanical screening to remove non-projectile inclusions, incorporation of stabilisation agents to the material to facilitate off-site disposal and the reconstruction of the stop-butt for continued operation.

The provision of Range Danger Area infrastructure included the supply and installation of fencing, gates and warning equipment in accordance with the Defence Range Controller specifications, to maintain safe separation and prevent personnel within the training facility from inadvertently entering active 'live firing' areas of the site.