Waterways dredged


Sediment removed


Clay imported

Client Gold Coast Waterways Authority
Location Coomera | QLD
Value $6.85m
Timeline Aug 2017 - Dec 2019

Synergy was contracted by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) to design, construct and operate the proposed Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility (CDSMF). The CDSMF is a land-based facility designed to dewater and handle dredged sediment that is unsuitable for normal disposal options such as beach and/or foreshore nourishment or offshore deposition from the Coomera River. 

Synergy, collaborating with expert partners, delivered GCWA a design with a twenty five year operational lifespan and RPEQ Certification to fulfill project requirements.

The construction process encompassed clearing, grubbing and shredding five hectares of vegetation, excavating and stockpiling 10,000m3 of unsuitable material on-site, and importing, placing and shaping 60,000m3 of clay under level one supervision.

Synergy operated the facility to process the 82,000m3 of unsuitable sediment dredged from the Coomera River that was required under the contract. The dredged sediment was dewatered and stockpiled onsite for beneficial reuse where possible, with the water discharged to Oaky Creek once it met the project's EHP discharge requirements.

"This is a long-term, cost-effective solution that will be available for use by organisations that undertake dredging in the area including GCWA, City of Gold Coast, local industry and private residential estates"

- Steven Miles, Acting Ports Minister GCWA