590 Million

Litres of water treated


To below ultra trace (<0.001-0.005 ug/L)


contaminants treated

Client Orora Limited
Location Brisbane | QLD
Value $6m
Timeline Oct 2019 - Mar 2023

Synergy were engaged by Orora Limited to treat surface water and stabilise accumulated sludge within 20 legacy processing ponds following 60 years of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) operations on a former carton board paper mill located in Petrie QLD.

Remediation of the former Petrie Paper Mill is a challenging environmental project. Synergy’s activities are part of progressive site redevelopment by Moreton Bay Regional Council

Synergy overcame significant technical challenges to successfully treat up to 590 Million litres of contaminated surface water containing an extensive range of organic and inorganic pollutants including PFAS, metals and hydrocarbons.

Synergy developed an up to 15 l/sec Water Treatment Plant (WTP) capable of achieving water quality for all 60 pollutants including compliance to the most conservative PFAS criteria ever assigned in the Commonwealth of Australia by an Environmental Authority (EA) issued by the QLD DES allowing treated water to be discharged continuously into a sensitive marine environment