10 piece

Play equipment installed


Native plantings


Dry Creek bed construction

Client Ballina Shire Council
Location Ballina | NSW
Value $0.75m
Timeline Jul 2021 - May 2022

As part of Ballina Shire Council’s Coastal Management Plan for the Shaws Bay area, Synergy was contracted to supply and install a playground and associated park and garden facilities at Pop Denison Park.

Detailed earthworks achieved finish subgrades for the installation of play equipment, pathways, shelters, furniture, walls, edging and nature play areas.

Selective pruning opened the canopy layer to provide light for landscaped gardens and nature adventure trails. Trails were integrated throughout existing vegetation to minimise the impact on the environmental surroundings.

Synergy undertook the necessary mulching and vegetation works to reduce the risk of surface water runoff and to promote fast establishment of landscaped gardens. Round logs of species identified as termite resistant were used for walls and climbing logs in landscape features.