Client Ballina Shire Council
Location Ballina | NSW
Value $1.0m
Timeline Aug 2020 - Jul 2021

As part of Ballina Shire Council’s Coastal Management Plan, Synergy was engaged to provide dredging, sand cleaning and processing, foreshore environmental enrichment within the greater Shaws Bay Precinct.

The works required dredging in two nominated areas of significant artificial sand buildup. The dredged material was pumped to Synergy's onshore treatment facility. The dredge material was separated using our bespoke shaker deck into three different size fractions, oversized shell grit, clean sand and unsuitable sediments. The unsuitable sediments were dewatered using geotubes and buried onsite with the oversized shell grit at the completion of the project. 

The clean dredged sand recovered from the treatment facility were strategically placed along the foreshore to enrich existing beaches, build new beaches and to provide a larger and diverse footprint for the recreational use of Shaws Bay. This sand was also utilised in the remediation of identified areas of erosion along the foreshore.

Additionally, the project included the removal of mangroves, leveling of Pop Denison Park, and restoration of the grass cover. An ecological protection area was established, featuring a saltmarsh basin, fencing and extensive revegetation. To enhance accessibility, a raised boardwalk was constructed, ensuring improved controlled access in the environmentally sensitive area.