Client Inghams
Location Byron Bay | NSW
Value $250k
Timeline Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

Synergy was engaged by Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited at Byron Bay to recover sludge stored in two ponds and remove from the site. The waste sludge was produced from two sources: recovered sludge from the dissolved air flotation system which treated the process water and discarded chicken spoil.

Synergy undertook recovery and removal of sludge from the ponds via two methods. The first method reclaimed the less viscous liquid component of the sludge via a hydraulic slurry pump for processing in Synergy’s onsite two-stage sludge dewatering system.

The second method was stabilisation and reclamation of the more viscous sludge component. The less viscous liquid component of the sludge was removed via a hydraulic slurry pump and processed by Synergy's two-stage sludge dewatering system, separating the sludge into solids and water. The stabilised sludge was transported offsite for beneficial reuse as an agricultural fertiliser in the region.