15 Million

Litres of water treated

Up to 100t

Material processed daily


Success rate contractual criteria

Client John Holland Seymour Whyte
Location Sydney | NSW
Value $1.8m
Timeline Sep 2021 - Oct 2022

Synergy were engaged to design, construct and operate a solids dewatering and water treatment system for collecting and treating material from various sites across the project.

Synergy’s bespoke multistage filtration system dewaters solids from site-wide Non-Destructive-Digging (NDD) works. The decanted liquids are then treated to remove contaminants of concern.

The sludge treatment plant (STP) was designed to separate the solid and liquid component of NDD spoil generated on the project.

Stage 1 of the STP reduced the solids content to a spadable material while Stage 2 treated the liquid component for up to 50 contaminants to meet site criteria.

Synergy developed an up to 5 l/sec Water Treatment Plant (WTP) capable of achieving the expected quality to allow water to be discharged into the surrounding environment. The WTP was further utilised to treat groundwater, independently of the sludge dewatering process

“I thank you for all the professional service you have provided and the hard work you have done for the Gateway project and look forward to working with Synergy in the future.”

- Nigel Bond, Area Manager Stage 1, John Holland Seymour Whyte JV