10 Station


High Flow


Client Clarence Valley Council
Location Yamba | NSW
Value $680k
Timeline Sept 2020 - Jun 2021

Clarence Valley Council engaged Synergy to design and construct the irrigation and drainage system for the Angourie Sports fields to address the rising water table, flooding and salinity issues on site.

The design necessitated the incorporation of a herringbone drainage system, incorporating a significant central drain strategically placed in the field. This addresses the main issue of variable shallow water tables impacting the quality of the turf, along with inefficient water drainage influenced by tides.

The central spine drain is designed to channel water to a drainage pit, housing cutting-edge float-activated pumping systems. These advanced pumps efficiently discharge water into the stormwater system, enhancing the overall drainage effectiveness of the field.

A cutting-edge irrigation system, situated within a recently built pump shed, facilitated the effective watering of the fields through the council's SCADA system.

"Synergy’s team was a pleasure to deal with and I would readily employ their services again and recommend them as well".

Justin Menzies, Clarence Valley Council