Delivering a broad range of commercial and industrial landscaping solutions.

Synergy is a total contracting solution provider, delivering a broad range of commercial and industrial landscape solutions, allowing each client total ease of dealing with one contractor for both civil and landscaping works. Whether an industrial or commercial project, Synergy works collaboratively with our clients from conception and design, through construction to the final presentation, to ensure every idea and requirement translates to successful and sustainable landscapes. The establishment of relationships with reliable and professional landscape architects, environmental consultants and engineers, who are capable of complementing Synergy’s "total contracting solutions" philosophy allows us to provide site-specific rehabilitation and landscaping programs.

Our staff are client focused and outcome driven to ensure the design and construction process runs as smoothly as possible. Synergy has vast experience in the industrial and commercial landscaping industry, in ecologically sensitive areas, recreational and sporting sites, Defence training areas, commercial precincts and industrial estates. Our proactive approach to design and construction reduces the need for costly changes and variations, maximizing the effectiveness of your landscape budget.

Synergy are highly experienced in all aspects of forestry, offering multidisciplinary services across all components of the forest product chain. We have successfully delivered landscaping solutions for retaining walls, erosion and dust control, stormwater management infrastructure, plant selection, forestry, de-vegetating, contouring and ripping, soil re-instatement, seeding and planting, wetlands and naturalisation planting, turfing and fencing.

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Synergy provides a comprehensive range of contracting services specialising in civil construction, demolition and environmental contamination remediation.

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